Wellness Journal: For Men | Self Care Journal for Health, Fitness & Happiness

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This wellness journal for men is the perfect size to carry around with you, measuring 5.25 x 8 inches(13 x 20cm). It includes 12 weeks of food, exercise and wellness trackers for the modern man. You’ll be able to track meals, snacks, water intake, fitness activities, sleep, moods, personal activities, three things you are grateful for and what you could have done better on a daily basis over a 12 week period.

This portable notebook makes a wonderful gift for family and friends who want to make health and wellbeing a priority, are looking to loose weight, or are interested in self care. It addresses your menttal health, your physical health and your food.

Using the Wellness Journalon a regular basis is not only helpful for weight loss, it can also help build awareness around specific health symptoms, food intolerances and sleep cycles. With this organized journal of trackers you’ll be able to easily identify patterns and relationships between food, exercise, sleep and your level of wellbeing.

This self care journal includes:

  • 183 pages
  • Sturdy paperback cover
  • 12 Weekly Exercise Trackers
  • 12 Weekly Food Trackers
  • 12 Weekly Wellness Trackers
  • 12 Weekly Notes pages for journaling, note-taking, thoughts
  • Undated so you can start anytime

Printed on 30% post-consumer recycled waste, this motivating planner will help you achieve your lifestyle and wellness goals.


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