VEGAN Bodybuilding COOKBOOK: Nutrition Diet Plan and Easy Meal Ideas for Vegetarian Athletes, Bodybuilders, Fitness and Sports Enthusiast: 55 high protein recipes with plant-based foods

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Do you often hear comments such as:

– Bodybuilder vegan? C’mon … It can’t be!

– Oh, are you a vegan? Where do you get protein from?

– Building muscle without meat? It’s impossible!

If you’re a vegan, you’ve probably heard these a million times.

There is an opinion among people that it is impossible to pump muscle mass without eating meat. But, as professionals have proven, this is an achievable task.

So is it possible to follow a vegetarian way of life and do bodybuilding at the same time?

Are vegetarianism and bodybuilding compatible?

We present you a book for athletes/bodybuilders, vegetarians, written by a nutritionist, vegetarian, and trainer on healthy eating.

The book will also be useful for people who are looking for plant-based low-carb, low-calorie and high protein foods and recipes with healthy ingredients.

A vegetarian diet gives the body no less energy than a meat diet. Vegans don’t necessarily build muscle slower than meat-eaters. You just need to keep track of the variety of foods consumed daily to ensure the right set of nutrients.

Protein intake is the main concern of many who want to switch to a plant-based diet. But we all know that nature is an excellent source of protein.

 So why not healthily build muscle without using meat products?

In the recipe book, the author has collated the best high- protein no meat recipes designed specifically for vegetarian athletes who need to not only follow strict training rules but also want to eat something that tastes great.

This Vegan Bodybuilding Cookbook contains 55 high protein plant-based recipes optimized for athletes, bodybuilders, any fitness enthusiast, and men and women for balanced athletic nutrition.

All recipes include full macro profiles.

These easy-to-cook vegan recipes are suitable for anyone new to the vegan diet or cooking and will allow you to reduce your time in the kitchen in order to pay more attention to your workouts:

• High protein breakfasts for energy

• Protein salads with healthy nutrients

• First courses for proper nutrition

• Delicious staple foods for energy recovery

• Savory snacks and protein smoothies

• Plant-based protein desserts for a good mood

Each vegan recipe has a picture of the food, so you know what to expect when you cook it.

Gain muscle mass by eating properly!

Start cooking tasty and wholesome vegan food right now and recharge your batteries for your sporting achievements!


*** Please note: Paperback is available in Black-and-White format.

        Each recipe has a food image.***


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