The Testosterone Advantage Plan: Lose Weight, Gain Muscle, Boost Energy

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Eat like a man to look like a man.

For years now, the so-called experts have told you to avoid the foods you love. That you’re supposed to ditch the weight room and jog your way to maximum fitness. And that testosterone—the hormone that makes you a man—is actually a problem for you, rather than the solution to your problems. In the meantime, American men have kept getting fatter and more frustrated. Which is why we’ve looked into all this, and from what we’ve learned, we can tell you—the know-it-alls are know-nothings.

The Testosterone Advantage Plan is about realizing your full potential as a man, and will:

-show you how nature intended you to eat.

-explain how the male body differs in its nutritional needs from the female body—especially when it comes to the proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that are not bad for you.

-give you a superior workout regimen to help you attain the muscular physique you’ve always wanted.

-explain how you can boost your testosterone and energy levels naturally, without supplements or quick-fix fads.

-help you tick off the long list of benefits you’ll likely reap in terms of energy and enthusiasm, power and potency, confidence and charisma.

This much you know: What you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked. Why not try it our way? You have everything to —and nothing to lose except your gut.


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