The Boutique Fitness Studio Launch Guide: A Comprehensive Start-up Guide For Barre, Yoga, Pilates, and Other Boutique Fitness Studios

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Are you a fitness professional interested in starting a business around your passion? Are you often told by clients that you should open your own yoga/pilates/barre or group exercise fitness studio but don’t know where to start?In this enjoyable, accessible book, author Hagana Kim, attorney-turned fitness entrepreneur and fitness blogger, shares the story of how he and his wife built a barre & yoga business from scratch in their spare time, including the mistakes they made, the lessons they learned, and the key strategic decisions that led to their one-location side hustle quickly growing to four profitable locations (and counting) in their first three years of business. This is NOT a motivational book that pumps you up full of unrealistic expectations and tells you to “just do it” – this is a book about how to strategically approach the fitness business and the specific steps you need to take to give yourself the best chance of success. Relying on his business and legal experience, Kim goes into detail on everything from market research, business competition, site selection, financial projections, business entities, intellectual property issues and commercial lease negotiations, to a step-by-step guide on writing a compelling business plan that will appeal to potential investors. Kim breaks down topics normally reserved for lawyers and MBAs into relevant, actionable advice in plain English while dispelling many of the myths surrounding fitness entrepreneurship.


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