Oalka Women’s Racerback Sports Fitness Support Workout Running Bras

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Oalka Medium Support Yoga Sport Bras

If you’re participating in strenuous or intense activity like a marathon, order your true size for maximum support. If you just want to wear it for light to moderate activity (walking, yoga, cardio, pilates) and daily wear without feeling constricted, or if you are on the borderline in the size chart,order a size up.

Oalka Sportswear

Oalka sportswear will makes you enjoy daily life and want to go outdoors doing exercise. We launch each new collection integrates the latest trends in athleisure and high end fashion, to create apparel acturally fits your life, your sport, makes you feel good, look great and perform to your potential from studio to street.

Medium impact supportive workout sporty bras to let you stay fit & focused.
Racerback and pullovers design provides full range of motion.
Double-layer offer enough support and full coverage;compression fit sports wire-free bras deliver superior hold and support during running and gym workouts.
Wide covered elastic underband for support, flat seams move smoothly against your skin, to help reduce irritation caused by chaffing.


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