My Oldtime Strongman Training: How to Build Old School Strength and Muscle, Master Classic Feats of Strength, and Perform Them

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Incredibly strong, highly versatile, and naturally muscular – the strongmen of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century still impress us a hundred years after their time. In this appealing book, circus strongman Robert “Eisenhans” Spindler demonstrates how the bread-and-butter training methods of the oldtime strongmen can be put to use in modern times to reach goals of supreme strength, muscularity, and health, in a straightforward, no-nonsense, and traditional way. From the content:•The movement our human bodies are designed for•How to rid your training of unnecessary clutter and focus on the essentials•How to progress on any feat of strength•How to find feats of strength that suit you•How to succeed in stonelifting, steel bending, grip strength, teeth strength, etc.•Why teeth strength training is actually good for you•How to determine your body type and train accordingly•The correlation between looking strong and being strong•How to remain healthy while following an intense strength routine•How the oldtime strongmen ate and what we can learn from it•Why people today are insecure about their nutrition and what to do about it•How to adapt your training program according to age•How to perform feats of strength in front of an audience•How to design an oldtime strongman show•The role of mental strength in strongman feats•Why it takes more than physical strength to be a strong man About the author: Robert “Eisenhans” Spindler has more than twenty years of experience in strength sports and more than ten years of experience as a stage strongman. For several years, he made a living solely out of performing feats of strength in front of audiences. He was Austrian powerlifting champion twice, was British grip champion (Division 2), has lifted the Dinnie Stones and the Inver Stone, is certified for the Ironmind Red Nail, bends horseshoes at world-class level, and lifts more than 100kg with his teeth.


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