Love Your Body Love Yourself: the book on holistic fitness after 40

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There are millions of books on health and fitness but none with the surprising truths that are revealed in Love Your Body Love Yourself: the book on holistic fitness after 40. This book gets down to basics and tears apart everything you have ever thought to be true about diet and exercise.

Unlike what you have been taught about diet and exercise, Oprae Y.F. Park, a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist certified by C.H.E.K Institute takes you on an entirely new journey of discovery. Oprae blends western ideas with ancient Chinese wisdom on to reveal a holistic way of approaching one’s energy, health, fitness, and overall life. It’s a brilliantly conceived primer that is based on concrete studies which are detailed throughout the book. The results are indisputable.

Oprae chronicles her quest to rebuild her health and her life after turning 40. Now in her 50s she is in her prime in terms of energy, health, happiness and fitness. Her life is full of laughter, love and success.

Love Your Body Love Yourself: the book on holistic fitness after 40 reveals:

How you can begin by changing your thoughts
The secrets of recharging your energy
The healing power of sleep
The real truth to successfully losing weight
The importance of posture alignment and how to correct a poor posture through corrective exercises
How to improve your mobility and stability and build a strong foundation of exercising
Detailed demonstrations on six primal functional movement patterns
How Less is More when it comes to exercise

Exercise is explored in detail with photographs and illustrations to help the reader get rapid results and prevent injuries. Oprae also explodes the myths we have all been taught about food and diet and helps us make the transition to healthy nutritious eating.

Along the way Oprae offers profound advice on maintaining a healthy mental outlook, which in essence is the basis of all transformation. She gives us the mental fortitude to succeed. This is a primer for all readers of any age who want to maintain their youth and vigor, who strive to be the best they can and have the courage to accept and implement a new path to health, fitness, love and success.


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