Lindsay Brin’s Third Trimester

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Fitness expert for leading universities, Fit Pregnancy magazine and The Healthy Belly provides Cardio/Toning and Yoga for Expectant Mothers. Demands on your body increase significantly in the third trimester. Lindsay Brin designed Third Trimester to keep you and your baby safe while strengthening your hips, core, legs and arms (including modifications for diastasis recti, an abdominal separation). Your core muscles, specifically the Pelvic Floor and TA, support your baby like a sling so you need to strengthen those muscles! Learn to relieve tension and lengthen muscles with the Prenatal Yoga Workout. You will prepare body and mind for delivery, and a quick recovery after your baby is born! Every Moms Into Fitness Pregnancy DVD includes 2 workouts, each adapted for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Watch Julie (33 weeks) for Beginner, Linda Marie (38 weeks) for Intermediate and Lindsay for Advanced.Cardio & Toning Workout: 30 minutes, Yoga Workout: 25 minutes *Modifications for Carpal Tunnel and Diastasis Recti. Lindsay Brin is the creator of Moms Into Fitness and choreographer of 15 DVDs specific to moms bodies.


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