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Not your traditional chair exercise program. Designed for rapid weight loss in 60 days using medium/high intensity chair exercises for fast results without bulking or straining joints. Sit down and crank up the speed with visible results. Created to burn serious calories and remove excess fat while minimizing aches and pains that come with standing high impact workouts. Modifier available with every workout so you can focus on form and advance at your own pace. See people from all fitness levels. Chair-A-Cise uses fast paced exercises that increases intensity so you are burning major calories. The Chair-A-Cise 60 Day Program workouts are scheduled for 6 days a week. All you need is a chair and space wide enough to take a step in each direction and preferred optional light weight. Women 4-6 pounds and Men 5-10 pounds (trust me that’s all the weight you will need). Includes 3 exercise programs on 1 DVDs (Cardio Circuit Training 40 min, Cardio Conditioning 38 min and Strength Training) Also, includes is a 60 Day Workout Calendar which strategically arranges the workout to make sure you are progressing each week as you build strength, stamina and ramp up weight loss. Includes eating plan for a simplified approach to clean and lean eating while keeping you fueled up, satisfied and nourished. (eating plan/workout calendar sent as attachment through your Amazon messages). Also, includes as bonus the Chair-A-Cise 3 Day Turbo and 6 Day Express Weight Loss Programs when time is short and you need immediate results. DVDs COMES IN CLAM SHELL CASING. Picture is for illustration purposes

Simple, Safe with fast visible results, Fat burning, Toning, Strength Training, Endurance,


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