Keto Diet : The Complete Ketogenic Bible for People Over 50. Beginners Guide to Start Living a Happy & Healthy Life, Losing Weight Fast and Naturally (7 Special Bonuses Included)

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Are you struggling with your weight and feeling overwhelmed by your physical problems? Do you just want to get back to the body you once had, strong and radiant?

The truth is that all of us who have reached the age of 50 experience the negative thought of no longer being the people we used to be.

This is due to the inevitable general hormonal and physical changes in our body, and if you feel overwhelmed you need to take a closer look at these changes that are negatively affecting your lifestyle.

The solution is to lead a better lifestyle, making your body and therefore your life better too.

Thanks to the Ketogenic Lifestyle will unlock the fundamental element in your mind: self-confidence. Trust is the driving force behind everything, you will gain the motivation to solve all your health problems and take back the reins of your life.

Keto Diet 50 includes…

Book 1 – Keto after 50. With this Complete Guide you will learn everything about the Ketogenic Diet. At the end of this guide you will know how to transition from your old lifestyle to the Ketogenic one. It is not a simple collection of general advice but a specific guide for people over 50, coming from years of experience consulting my patients. 

Book 2 – Keto Diet Cookbook After 50. A unique arsenal of 200 quick and easy Keto recipes resulting from the collaboration with professional chefs. The recipes are designed around the word "Simplicity". The goal is to keep your new lifestyle easy without having to eat the usual boring recipes.

Book 3Keto Diet Cookbook for Women After 50. A specific guide to help women through the turbulent period of hormonal fluctuations. The Ketogenic Diet will be your best ally to cross the perimenopause and menopause and regain confidence in yourself and in life. It includes an arsenal of 200 specific Keto Recipes to deactivate menopausal molecules and a 30-day food plan.

Ok but what will you experience with the Ketogenic Lifestyle?

 – The excess fat (especially around the belly) dissolves quickly

–  Radiant energy all day long

–  Brighter and smoother skin

– Your mood and your happiness coming to life again

Snap out of the brain and mental fog

– Your libido is awakening, roaring to life again 

All while eating food more delicious than ever before…Without suffering from constant hunger, and without craving sugar or other unhealthy foods as with most diets.

And much, more…

But that’s not all. To give you maximum support within "Keto diet 50", you can download 7 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES of immense value for free.

Bonus 1. E-book "Keeping Fit After 50!" (An Exercise Guide for Improving Your Life and Longevity")

Bonus 2. Pdf "11 Healthy Eating Tips for the Over 50s".

Bonus 3. Tips and Tricks "Simple Stretching For Seniors"

Bonus 4. E-book"Stability for Seniors" Discover the secret of posture, balance, and stability

Bonus 5. Easy Guide about Yoga Benefits, How to sleep better, Positive Body Image

Bonus 6. Pdf "How to Build Your Own Midlife Health Team" for women

Bonus 7. Exclusive "Evolution Menopause" Discover the Truth behind Menopause.

ATTENTION! Bonuses will only be available for a short time. You can’t miss out on all this value at this ridiculous price.

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