Fit & Sleek Prenatal Physique- Prenatal Workout with Complete Pregnancy Training Plan

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Awarded top 10 Best Workout DVDs of 2015 by Fitness Magazine. Leah Sarago, CSCS and Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, has designed this comprehensive training program for pregnancy to help you safely exercise during all three trimesters and be fit during this very special time in your life. The workouts are only 15 minutes, which allows you to gradually progress based on your fitness level while also providing an easier way to fit exercise into your schedule. Follow the complete, level-based workout plans determined by your pre-pregnancy training level to tailor this DVD to your goals and needs. This DVD offers workout plans for beginners and trained individuals to provide a progressive approach for continuous results throughout your pregnancy. For more information on this workout DVD and exercising during pregnancy, please visit my prenatal fitness page at Workout Segments: Warm Up (5 minutes) Upper Body Mat Work (15 minutes) Upper Body Cardio Sculpt (15 minutes) Lower Body Barre Workout (15 minutes) Lower Body Sculpt (15 minutes) Prenatal Core Workout (15 minutes) Prenatal Stretching (15 minutes) Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat Sturdy waist-high couch/chair back 3 sets of weights (light, medium, and heavy)


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