C.Park Balance Pods Hedgehog Stability Balance Trainer Dots Set of 6 for Squat Touch Downs, Plank Hand Walk, Balanced Bird Dog, Push-Up Plank Taps and Other Exercises, 1 Hand Pump

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A fun way to exercise for the whole family
[PREMIUM COORDINATION & BALANCE EQUIPMENT] – These versatile balance pods make exercise fun for the whole family. Each pod has a flat side and a spiked side. Use with the flat side up for increased instability and more difficult exercises. Use with the spiked textured side up for easier exercises.
[THOUGHTFUL DESIGN] – The pods can be used on a wide variety of surfaces indoors, outdoors at home or on the go. They improve dynamic balance, physical awareness, and body coordination. Great for multiple exercise options – you will never get bored. The spiked hedgehog-like texture helps with traction and stability and the dome shape is perfect to assist during exercise. The pods come with a hand pump for instant inflation.
[HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS] – Pods are made of a combination of materials that are weather-resistant, anti-slip, and resistant. They offer long durability and high performance.
[VERSATILE PODS CAN BE USED ANYWHERE] – The pods make great gifts for kids and encourage them to exercise. Take them with you on vacation and keep up your fitness regime. They are ideal for sports teams, schools, fitness clubs, yoga and dance studios. Use them at rehabilitation centers, clinics and health clubs. They are perfect to massage tired and sore feet.
[100% GUARANTEED SATISFACTION] – Should you have any issue with the product, please contact us without hesitation. We will assist you to sort out the issue or refund.


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