Building a Badass Boutique: Your 10-Touch Journey to Designing a Fitness Studio That Rocks

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Good will scale, bad will fail – and with Club Industry reporting in 2019 that only 40% of boutique fitness studios are currently making money, the challenge is on to make sure you’re on the right side of the ledger. The endgame has to be to cultivate a YEARN TO RETURN, a feeling so good you are physiologically drawn to come back.

Building a Badass Boutique – your 10-Touch Journey to Designing a Fitness Studio That Rocks takes operators through the key areas of purpose, pain, positioning, people, programming, place, processes, plan, pace and polish. It impacts each of those 10 touch-points clearly and comprehensively, offering a series of new lenses through which to look and allowing you, the business owner, to establish authentic foundations that will set you up to scale.

Emma Barry is a global fitness Authority who consults to the sector’s fastest growing segments: boutique studios, budget clubs, digital workouts and fit tech start ups. Emma is fluent in what happens next in boutique fitness. She draws on considerable industry experience and understanding of trends to coach owners in saving precious time and money as they open a new studio, scale their concept, or refresh their club in a club model. Emma is a catalyst, sought after speaker for events and podcasts around the world and serves on a number of boards and advisories within the fitness industry. She delights in lighting fires under people and projects.


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