BTBSIGN LED Digital Countdown Wall Clock Fitness Timer Stopwatch for Gym (2.3inch Digital High)

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About Digital LED Countdown Clock

Digital LED Countdown Clock Stopwatch is a new design digital countdown timer, helping people to save time, save money and add convenience to their life. Very easy to use and set the countdown/Count up/Stopwatch/Normal Time program , only need to plug in an electrical appliance into the outlet and select the mode you want. The countdown clock is a simple recurring reminder for all of your tasks and routines – taking your medications, getting up from your desk to stretch, cooking, yoga and meditation, TV time for kids, workouts and more

1. 12/24 Hours Format: Display normal time in either 12 hour or 24 hour format [HH:MM:SS];
2. Countdown in hours: minutes seconds [HH:MM:SS] ; Countdown in hundredth of a second[MM:SS:SS/100]You can set any desired time countdown to zero.
3. Count up in hours minutes seconds. Set a target time, Clock will count up from zero to target time
4. Stopwatch in minutes seconds and hundredth seconds. Clock will count up from zero to 99:59:99
5. Interval mode: Set work [F XX:XX] , interval [ C XX:XX] and rounds [ CC –XX].

– With A Precise IC
– High Brightness LED display with 6 digits
– Good stability, strong Anti-interference.

Digital height: 2.3″ Red LED
Control method: The wireless remote
Overall Dimension: 15.2” Length x 4.5” Width x 1.4”Thickness
AC/DC power adaptor into standard outlet
Mounting bracket included

Packaging include
1x LED Clock
1x Wireless Remote
1x AC/DC adapter
User Manual
Battery of remote is 2xAAA
(Duracell battery do not work. Please use other brand battery)

Multi-function timer – The countdown timer has 5 different modes (Normal time mode, countdown mode, Count-up mode, stopwatch mode, interval mode. You can only set (1) workout routine : Set work [F XX:XX] , interval [ C XX:XX] and rounds [ CC –XX]. For example, create a 10 minutes workout and 30 seconds rest and repeat 6 times. [F 10:00] [C 00:30] [CC–06]
Normal time with 12 and 24 hours in hours – minutes- seconds. Count down/up in hours-minutes-seconds & minutes-seconds-hundredths; Stopwatch counts up to 99 minutes, 59 seconds and hundredths of seconds.Count down rounds not visibly
Visible timer to everyone- Crystal clear LED and high contrast display allows you to see the bright LED numbers from all corners of your gym or home. The numbers are brightly displayed and the alarm is loud enough to hear but not too loud.Timer Buzzer Alarm- Timer will be beep when time is up or reaches to zero.
Brightness adjustable – change the brightness through the remote control.
1. this product is A/c outlet powered not a battery powered timer. 2. The remote is only way to control the timer.Battery of remote is 2xAAA (Duracell battery do not work. Please use Panasonic zinc carbon)


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