Baby Got Back In Her Pants: A Simple Plan to Thrive on a Plant-Based Diet

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Being Healthy Shouldn’t Be So Hard!

Baby Got Back In Her Pants offers a plant-based program that you can live with. This book was designed for folks who generally know what to do but have trouble sticking to it. With Christin Bummer’s lighthearted but effective approach, you’ll dig deep to create motivation that lasts. Establish healthy habits effortlessly. Adjust your mindset and leave your old baggage in the past. 

You’ll learn a balanced whole-life approach to a healthy lifestyle, and with it you can experience results you never thought possible for yourself. 
Learn how to:

  • Let go of perfection
  • Adopt a simpler system for meal planning
  • Track your progress and celebrate every win

 As a former junk-food addict, Christin Bummer knows the challenges of living in a world that’s not set up for healthy living. She reversed her own hypertension, without medication, and now she’s offering the healthy lifestyle plan that you can actually live with.
Christin’s practical solutions turn your knowledge into actions and your actions into results. If you’re willing to leave your shame, blame, and guilt at the door, she can help you write your happy ending and create a life where you feel great about who you are, inside and out!
With this 30-day plan you’ll get:

  • Easy and delicious whole food plant-based recipes
  • Weight loss inspiration stories
  • The motivation to end overeating. 
  • A companion workbook

 If you’ve ever wondered what to eat to be healthy, how to go vegan, or how to detox from sugar, then this is the guide for you.

If you liked Forks Over Knives, How Not To Die, Starch Solution, or the Plant-Based Diet For Beginners, this will be a new favorite! If you liked the conversational style of Skinny Bitch, you’re in for a real treat.
Baby Got Back In Her Pants offers the blueprint to stop dieting and start living each day with joy and vibrancy! 
The only question is – how soon are you willing to feel fabulous? 


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