200LB Tower Strength Training Door Gym Full Body Workouts Fitness Exercise Exercise & Fitness,Resistance Bands

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As a full-body home gym with a variety o attachments, this product eliminates the need for bulky gym equipment. With an emphasis on weight training, this home gym for working upper and lower body can be installed on a door to save space, Slides onto any home, office, or dorm door within seconds.

Home Gym for upper and lower body exercise fitness, which help you work your arms, chest, back, shoulders, abs, and legs.
Easy to mount on the Door and remove, slide onto home, office, or any dorm door in seconds.
Multi-tension power cords provide 200 pounds of explosive resistance.
Door-based home gym for working upper and lower body.Complete Fitness Full Body workout.
Supports more than 200 exercises in all; durable steel frame.


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